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How we are going to inspire you with customized solutions

Welcome to P13 Concepts – the management consultancy that supports young and established companies with sales & marketing concepts and the development of brand experience worlds.

With customer focus, solution-oriented approaches and our commitment, we ensure enthusiasm among our customers and partners.

We have our roots in the automotive industry. With numerous customers from other industries, we show that we are always working with passion on new tasks and that we push the pedal to the metal to accomplish our missions.

On the following pages, you will learn more about us, our service range and why we are the right partner at your side.

P13 Concepts – Specialist for Development and Implementation of Corporate Strategies, Marketing & Sales Concepts and the Development of Brand Experience Worlds

With longtime experience at national and international premium car industries, P13 Concepts offers the following services to national and international corporate clients: economical check of new business & product ideas, corporate strategies, Brand Experience Worlds, Emotionalisation of Brands, Products and Services; International Distribution Strategies; Marketing & sales Concepts; Pricing Strategies; Process Management & Optimization; Project Management; Project Coordination; Consumer Behavior; Customer Focus; Customer Loyalty Concepts; Change Management; Benchmark & Competition Analysis; E-Commerce Strategies; Event Management; SWOT-Analysis; Market Research; Customer Behavior Research. Our Corporate clients come from: Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Bietigheim, Ditzingen, Leonberg, Freiberg Boeblingen but also Germany, European Union; Switzerland, United States of America, Arab Emirates, Japan and China. We have Corporate Clients from industries like Car and Automotive Sector, Motorsport, Racing, Car Clubs, Importers, Car Retailers, Car Tuning, Car Customization, Automotive Suppliers, Classic Car Retailers, Restoration Centers, Race Tracks, Retail & Consumer Goods, Entertainment & Recreation, Food, City Marketing, Tourism, Hotel & Catering, Textile & Clothing, Public Administration.